Here is my first blog post to give you a quick insight and advice on your journey to be an effective leader. Hope you find this article useful.

Accountability is one of the essential quality/trait that one needs to possess to be an effective leader.

Give yourself a thought on below questions to assess yourself on this trait.

Are you really taking full responsibility on the failure outcome in whatever you do?

People generally take full credit of success outcomes, but when it comes to failure outcome in whatever they did, they tend to defend themselves by blaming others.

Be accountable for what went wrong. Don’t be afraid about the consequences. Learn a lesson from it and move on. You’ll definitely be shaped as a better person.

When you closely look at inspiring leader’s from around the world, this one quality makes them stand out and be successful.

Are you protecting your team members or colleagues during difficulties even though they are the ones to blame for failures?

If your answer is no, then you must seriously consider developing a habit to protect them during difficulties. This trait will transform you to be a successful leader. Allow your team members to help learn from their mistakes. Doing so, you literally help them build their confidence, sense of responsibility and sense of commitment.

Are you as a leader trying to hide your mistakes without admitting it? then there is no point of being accountable for your team members action. Try to develop a habit of admitting mistakes and learn lessons from it and move on. You’ll be shaped as a better leader.

Be an example by leading from the front. Foster sense of commitment, sense of responsibility with in the team. These qualities will shape you as a better leader.

Appreciate your support and comments about this article. Thank you.

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